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  • Is there a minimum order value?

    there is no minimum order value.

  • Which countries do you deliver in?

Pansocks delivers socks by letter post (Priority). Everywhere in the world, letter post is reliable and comparatively fast, which is why we offer worldwide deliveries.

Buying 51€  or more  You get worldwide free shipping by post (1st class priority ) .

 Alternatively  Pansocks delivers by courier (UPS) with shipping charge no matter buing ammount

  • What is the delivery time for your socks?

By  letter post (1st class Priority)

EU  4-6 days

Rest of the world 5-15 days

By  Courier (UPS)

EU 2-3 days

Rest of the world  3-7 days

  • How do I pay for the socks?

    There are several payment options available on our site. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.


  • What is the quality of your socks?

Pansocks made from most prestigious raw materials such as  fil d'ecosse cotton , combed cotton , merino virgin wool , natural silk etc.

Our socks are manufactured in Greece ( EU )  by G & M factory

 Remember to use a scissor to cut the thread when removing the label  (never pull the label up before cutting the thread first) 



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